Newcastle’s Matt Ritchie has apologised to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after a video went viral of the Newcastle United man appearing to snub Auba at the end of the game.

As we know, there is nothing more sacred in the game of football than the handshake/high-five and it doesn’t matter what you do before or after, the handshake must be respected above all else.

Why else would we have to even talk about it?

In case you can’t tell due to the lack of a sarcasm font, the whole thing is ridiculous.

Anyway, Ritchie has apologised saying that he didn’t see Auba which seems to be a fib of Trumpian proportions, because he clearly looks right at him and then totally mugs him off.

“It wasn’t intentional,” Ritchie said. “I was waiting for Ayo to congratulate him.

“I didn’t see him (Aubameyang) waiting for a high five, so I can only apologise. I didn’t realise until after the game when I saw the video. Social media takes things to a new level.”

It’s heartening to note that this is the first time I’ve seen this video and I spend my life online, in amongst Arsenal nonsense. No Arsenal fans seemed to care, which is how it should be.

I doubt Auba gave it a second thought.

Matt Ritchie shouldn’t have had to, either.