Arsenal face Manchester United this weekend at Old Trafford, as Arsene Wenger makes his final trip to his old rivals as manager of his current club.


It’s hard to remember a match against Manchester United with less at stake, but that’s where we are at the moment. The two teams are really just playing for pride, as the hosts are pretty much set in second place, and Arsenal would struggle to escape sixth.

Undoubtedly the biggest matches of the season for both teams will come later. United play Chelsea in the FA Cup final in May, and Arsenal have a massive game in Madrid to try and make the Europa League final next week.

Wenger says it could be more beneficial for his players to keep playing, rather than giving them a rest after Thursday.

“Will I rest players? I don’t know yet,” he told his press conference. “It might be better if they played. I will see how everyone responds.”

So how will the manager set up his side for the weekend, to try and find the balance between resting players for Thursday, and keeping momentum going?

Let’s try and work it out…

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