Goncalo Guedes’ father insists that although he doesn’t know what will happen in the summer, his son is happy in Valencia and eager to stay there.

Arsenal-linked Guedes is currently on loan at the Spanish club from Paris Saint-Germain. He joined the French club at the start of 2017, but after a slow start they gave him his temporary move to La Liga.

Since then things have been going very well. The 21-year-old has five goals and 11 assists in 36 appearances, mostly from left-wing. Rogerio Guedes was clearly happy with how things were going when he spoke to 97.7 Radio Levante.

“He (Goncalo Guedes) is very happy and happy in Valencia and with everything that surrounds him,” his father explained. “He is delighted with the city and with the fans. It has everything you need.

“He is working hard and has to continue like this, learn and grow within Valencia CF. The future is not known but at this moment he is very happy in Valencia and eager to continue.

“We do not know where he will continue but he would like to continue longer because he is very happy here with the fans. He would be happy to spend more time in Valencia because he feels happy, but at the moment we do not know anything.”

Rogerio admitted that the decision isn’t just down to the player himself. The two clubs need to negotiate and come to an agreement, and he’ll just have to accept what they decide.

“It does not depend only on him. He is a professional football player and the clubs have to talk too” he said. “But I think he could continue in Valencia and continue to grow and be more valuable for Valencia, also from the financial point of view.”

What does this have to do with Arsenal?

As mentioned, the media have linked Arsenal to a move for Guedes in the past. In fact the links on Daily Cannon alone go back to 2015. Instead the winger stayed at Benfica, then joined PSG.

That didn’t stop the links to Arsenal though. Recently PSG’s Financial Fair Play troubles opened up the possibility that they might need to sell to balance the books. Guedes seems an obvious casualty, given they’ve gone the season without him anyway.

From the sounds of things, the player already has his heart set on Valencia. However, if all PSG want is money, they’d have no reason to turn down a bigger offer from Arsenal. It’s up to whichever manager is in charge this summer to decide whether to make one.