CSKA Fans Against Racism have hit out at allegations that Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi were racially abused in Moscow on Thursday night.

A Reuters photographer claimed to have heard some supporters in the crowd making monkey noises, stating that ‘dozens of home supporters’ made ‘Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi when they neared a particular section of the stands when the ball went out of play.’

The photographer also reported that the chants were heard when Welbeck scored Arsenal’s first goal of the game.

However, this has been strongly denied by a fan group close to the club that works to remove racism from the game.

”There were at least 11 people from our initiative at the game at different sectors including the ultras one,” said CSKA Fans Against Racism. “We are the first to report any racist incident in Russia but we can assure you this news is a total lie by Daily Mirror.

”Furthermore, we spoke to several English journalists after the game and no one heard anything abusive. Who is this “Reuters photographer”? It seems that “reporters” at Daily Mirror know that nobody trusts them so they try to hide behind more respectful Reuters. Disgusting clowns.

”This is an ugly attempt of those “journalists” who came to Moscow for sensational reports of fights and blood to take revenge from all of us, English and Russian fans, for peaceful and mutually respectful atmosphere at the game. They simply couldn’t stand it.

”They never reported of CSKA fans hugging Gooners before the game. They never apologised for horror stories about Moscow they published because they have no honour. Now they want to put another “brick” to the Wall of Hatred they have been building for months.”

I completely understand CSKAFAR’s frustration with the Daily Mirror, who are prone to sensationalism and jumping the gun, however the report from Reuters was also published on the Reuters official site.