Arsenal and Manchester United are well behind the rest of the big-six when it comes to length of player contracts, and Arsene Wenger’s side just barely make the top 50 in Europe’s top leagues.

The CIES Football Observatory put together a list ranking all the clubs in the top-five European leagues by contract length. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid topped the list, showing the correlation between this stat and on-field success.

Here are the Premier League’s big six by average length of contract remaining:

6. Manchester United

2.19 years (54th overall)

5. Arsenal

2.23 years (49th overall)

4. Chelsea

2.57 years (28th overall)

3. Liverpool

2.85 years (11th overall)

2. Manchester City

2.89 years (8th overall)

1. Tottenham Hotspur

3.18 years (3rd overall)

As well as calculating an average value for the entire squad, the Observatory also added an average for the contract duration of each club’s 11 most fielded players. Although Arsenal did slightly better in this regard, they were still significantly behind the other top English clubs.

Liverpool led the way, with their 11 most fielded players tied down for an average of 3.32 years. After that, Spurs and Manchester City were level on 3.23 years.

Arsenal came in fourth at 2.95, followed by Chelsea on 2.59 and Manchester United on 2.32.

What this means is Arsenal – and Manchester United – really need to work on extending their players’ contracts. Either that or most of them will leave in the next year or two. It’s not always easy to rebuild squads from scratch, so I’d avoid that if at all possible.