Alexandre Lacazette took to Instagram to post a picture of the cut on his leg he received after facing Stoke City for the second time.

Lacazette famously scored against Stoke in the second match of the season, which Arsenal lost 1-0, but was flagged offside for the most minimal of infractions.

Against the Potters at Ashburton Grove on Sunday, his goal from the penalty spot stood but it was the mark on his leg that made the biggest impression on the Frenchman.

The Daily Mail, however, were not impressed with Laca’s war wounds, referring to it as a ‘scratch’. While it’s certainly nothing serious, the bruising around the cut clearly shows the force with which he was hit.

lacazette leg after stoke daily mail
Daily Mail 2 April 2018

It’s not clear if this came from Joe Allen’s ridiculous challenge on Lacazette, but the Daily Mail fail to even reference it.