Chuba Akpom has taken to Twitter to deny the story circulating that he called Jack Wilshere the greatest English player of all time.

The story, published by the Evening Standard among many others, apparently relayed quotes from Belgian publication Sport/Foot. According to the Standard, he said: “For me, Jack Wilshere is the best English footballer of all time.”

Unsurprisingly, this got a rather amused response from football fans all over. For once, even Arsenal and Spurs fans could agree on something:

As talented as Wilshere is, he’s still struggling to fully realise his potential. He’s also not on a great run of form at the moment, which made the timing of the ‘quotes’ even more ridiculous. However, Akpom claims it’s not what he said at all:

Calling Wilshere his “favourite current English player” is much less strange. After all, it doesn’t even necessarily mean he thinks the 26-year-old is the best, just his favourite.

Who else is he going to choose as his favourite player? Harry Kane? Jesse Lingard? There’s hardly a great selection for an Arsenal man. Danny Welbeck is the only real alternative, and Akpom has only occasionally played with him.

Of course, maybe the young striker is just trying to save face by denying the quotes. Then again, the Standard couldn’t even get Akpom’s age (22) right in their article, so I’m going to side with the Arsenal loanee.