Mauricio Pochettino has weighed in with a not-so-subtle dig aimed towards Arsene Wenger, desperate to have his name mentioned with managers who have actually won things.

The Tottenham manager told the media that “If your own fans don’t want you there is no point to carry on working because you are going to damage, first of all, your club.

“At some point, you need to go away because the club is always more important than any person and if I am the point that creates a problem, I prefer to go away.”

Daily Star 3 March 2018 Pochettino
Daily Star 3 March 2018

Wenger used to say that too.

Wenger also used to win the league, and, regardless of how we all feel about him now, anyone treating Pochettino as if he’s in the same universe as Arsene Wenger in his prime needs to seek medical attention for the head injury they’ve clearly suffered.

As awful as Arsene Wenger has been for the past few seasons, he’s won more trophies at his absolute worst than the Spurs manager has in his entire career. Pochettino can only dream of having the sort of impact on world football as Arsene Wenger did in his prime and while Spurs follow in Arsenal’s footsteps by moving to a new stadium, that has nothing to do with the Argentine.

Wenger’s total Premier League win percentage stands at 57.5% while Pochettino’s is 50.5% with Tottenham yet for some, two seasons in which he has guided Spurs above an Arsenal side in crisis is enough for them to rate him in the same bracket as a manager who has won more league titles than Spurs have managed in their entire 135-year history.

This season, however, Wenger’s win percentage across all competitions is 48%, just 2 points below Super Poch’s Spurs average and the entire club is in crisis, while Spurs are hailed from all quarters for putting some pressure on third place.

Spurs also recently passed 10 years without a trophy with barely a whisper. “I’m so young and (have) only (been) five years in the Premier League, in two clubs Southampton and Tottenham,” Pochettino said in January when Wenger commented about teams who had not been in finals for 25 years.

By the time Wenger had been in the Premier League for five seasons, he had already won a league and cup double (and was on his way to a second) and two Community Shields.

Wenger arrived at Arsenal when he was 46. Pochettino was 42 when he joined Tottenham so by my logic if it’s all about age, that gives him another eight years to win three Premier League titles, four FA Cups and go an entire season unbeaten.

Good luck with that.