Wembley officials were reportedly left STUNNED after Wojciech Szczesny wound up some Tottenham fans who had been abusing him all evening.

The delicate little flowers couldn’t believe what they were seeing when the goalkeeper, who used to play for Spurs’ fiercest rivals, dared to tell some of them to sit down.

His chin flick, hinting that Spurs fans should keep their chins up, which was witnessed by the Tottenham bench, is one of the biggest scandals to hit modern football in decades.

Or, you know, it’s not.


The Evening Standard report: Standard Sport understands that Szczesny — who did not play as he is understudy to Gianluigi Buffon — became increasingly vocal as the minutes ticked past, even leaping to his feet and motioning Spurs fans and those on the bench to sit down after Harry Kane had hit the post in stoppage time.

He then aimed a ‘chin-up’ gesture at home fans close to the dug-outs after the final whistle, which was seen by those on the Spurs bench. While there is acceptance at Tottenham that tense matches bring emotional reactions, few were impressed with Szczesny’s conduct on Wednesday.

Won’t somebody think of the children?

It’s hard to look at this as anything other than Spurs being furious that they lost at home to Juventus, crashing out of the Champions League with an added dollop bitterness because a Gooner was involved in the post-match celebrations.

Of course, had Spurs beaten Juventus I’m sure the entire Tottenham contingent would have let Wojciech leave Wembley without saying a single thing to him.

Wouldn’t they?