Only Manchester United spent more money than Arsenal on injured players in the first-half of the season, according to research by an insurance broker.

In total, JLT Specialty say Premier League clubs paid out £134.2m to injured players in the first half of the season.

Worryingly, around 10% of that total came from Arsenal alone:

JLT Specialty

Santi Cazorla is still yet to play a minute for the senior side this season, so his entire wage bill goes into this category.

Others like Aaron Ramsey and Shkodran Mustafi have spent well over a month on the sidelines.

Alexandre Lacazette’s absence is only going to ramp up Arsenal’s total, given his wages as a recent record signing.

United’s position at the top of the list is largely thanks to their massive wage bill.

They have only suffered around half the number of injuries compared to Arsenal.

Here is the full list of number of injuries per team:

1. West Ham

41 injuries

2. Arsenal

36 injuries

3. West Brom

27 injuries

4. Liverpool

27 injuries

5. Bournemouth

25 injuries

6. Crystal Palace

24 injuries

7. Watford

24 injuries

8. Chelsea

23 injuries

9. Everton

22 injuries

10. Manchester United

20 injuries

11. Burnley

19 injuries

12. Leicester City

19 injuries

13. Tottenham Hotspur

19 injuries

14. Swansea City

18 injuries

15. Stoke City

17 injuries

16. Huddersfield

16 injuries

17. Manchester City

16 injuries

18. Southampton

16 injuries

19. Newcastle United

15 injuries

20. Brighton

14 injuries

Year in, year out, Arsenal are always near the top of these sorts of lists as our Injury League has shown for a number of seasons.

The club need to identify the problem and resolve it, or they’ll always struggle to compete with the top teams.