Apparently, Newcastle fans don’t like it when other fans talk about how awful their own club is.

During Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat to Manchester City on Thursday night, Daily Cannon’s Twitter account was, as is the norm, venting its frustration on the social media platform.

One of our tweets arguing that Arsenal’s attack is actually alright but saying how tough it is to be a Gooner these days got retweeted by a Newcastle account.

It turns out, Newcastle fans don’t like fans of clubs that have generally done better than theirs over the course of their history to complain about the current state of their team and manager.

Apparently, ‘perspective’ and ‘relativity’ aren’t things that Newcastle fans understand.

For example, as we pointed out, there are some clubs that have never won a trophy, which makes them seem out of line for complaining that they haven’t lifted one since 1955.

Fair enough, the Magpies are facing relegation from the Premier League – again. They’re two points off Swansea in 18th and nine off West Brom at the bottom. But how miserable you feel over the state of your own club isn’t a competition. It’s all relative.

Newcastle haven’t spent £108m on two forwards over the last half-a-season. They don’t have a manager, who was once one of the best in the sport, looking more and more out of touch every game. And they don’t have the right to get snippy just because a fan of another club had to audacity to complain.