Liam Brady says Alexis Sanchez isn’t the easiest of characters in the dressing room, but he got away with it at Arsenal early on because of what he was doing on the pitch.

Speaking to Eamon Dunphy’s The Stand Podcast, Brady explained what he’d heard about the Chilean.

“From the information I have and what I know, Sanchez is not the easiest of characters on a day-to-day basis,” he revealed“He does his own thing and he is not part of the group. The other players forgave him for that because when he played for Arsenal he was outstanding in the early part of his career at Arsenal.

“He was an example to the Arsenal players for how hard you need to work in his early days. But going up to Manchester and being on that kind of wage compared to the other lads, you need to do as you are asked and do what the other players do.

“Maybe he has not settled in Manchester. He may be looking around thinking he should not have gone there.”

From the sounds of things, a large part of the problem is that Sanchez doesn’t have his star status to fall back on anymore. Players like Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku and David de Gea take just as much of the spotlight at Manchester United.

The 29-year-old needs to be a cog in Jose Mourinho’s machine, but he’s still playing and acting like the team should revolve around him.

Another big difference is that he just hasn’t got going with the goals and assists.

Again, when he was at Arsenal he was prone to poor performances, especially this season. But he’d go and score a 90th minute penalty or deflected free-kick and most of us wouldn’t care anymore.

With United, he has one penalty rebound goal against Huddersfield in a match they were already winning. There’s nothing to distract from all his mistakes anymore. Sanchez turns 30 this year, and he’s running out of time to turn things around now.