Hector Bellerin brings Arsenal a potential transfer benefit of €65m, according to the CIES Football Observatory, but he’s the only member of Arsene Wenger’s squad to make their top 50.

The Football Observatory put together a listing of the greatest transfer value increases for players in Europe’s top five leagues.

They calculated each increase by taking the amount the club paid for the player, and subtracting it from that player’s current estimated transfer value.

Bellerin is Arsenal’s highest ranking player, and in fact the only one to make the list. The Football Observatory give his value as €65m. Since the Spaniard didn’t cost the senior side anything to promote from the academy, that all goes into his transfer increase.

It’s vaguely worrying that there are no Arsenal players on the list, but not surprising. The club have spent a bit more on transfer fees recently, so that reduces the potential for increases. Then the team aren’t performing well enough to deserve those increases anyway.

At the top of the list is Harry Kane, with an increase of €198m. He just about edges ahead of Lionel Messi at €197m. Both players of course also came through the academy with their current club.

Although it’s pretty ridiculous to have Kane as a more valuable player than Messi, CIES’ algorithm takes age into account. The Barcelona star is now in his thirties whilst Spurs’ star striker is 24. Arguably that would give Kane a higher transfer fee in theory.

In reality, buying the widely-accepted greatest player of all time from Barcelona would cost more.