Bellerin pays young Arsenal fan visit

After reaching out to Arsenal fans on Twitter, Hector Bellerin finally managed to find the little girl holding the ‘I *heart* Bellerin’ sign at the Crystal Palace clash on 28 December.

Thanks to the power of social media, Bellerin managed to track down the little girl holding a sign for him during Arsenal’s 3-2 win away to Palace at the end of 2017.

The little girl, Claudia, and her brother Austin were in for the surprise of a lifetime when the 22-year-old paid them a visit recently… Along with a film crew and gifts, which included the shirt Bellerin was wearing that day.

Although the kids were shy at first, they soon seemed to realise the magnitude of the situation and enjoyed their time with the right-back, who even sat down, unwrapped gifts – including an adorable Valentine’s Day card from Claudia – and played computer games.

It was a really nice touch and proof that, despite what many may think after Bellerin’s recent comments on Arsenal Fan TV, that the Spaniard does care about fans.

Bellerin seemed genuinely chuffed and those kids, as well as their entire family I imagine, will get to look back at that special moment for the rest of their lives.

With all the negativity surrounding Arsenal at the moment, it’s lovely to see Bellerin try and inject some good vibes back into the fanbase with this touching act. Good on him.