Hector Bellerin has reportedly offered himself to Real Madrid after Lionel Messi vetoed any Barcelona move for the defender according to reports that I’m going to call ‘dodgy’ to be polite.

Dario Gol, via the Daily Star, claim that Philippe Coutinho ‘leaked’ to the media that Barcelona tried to sign Bellerin last summer but the defender said no. Now, however, they claim he’s ‘had enough’ of life under Arsene Wenger and wants out.

The problem? Lionel Messi, apparently. He wants Sergi Roberto to keep the position.

This has, allegedly, prompted Bellerin to offer himself to Real Madrid’s president, Fiorentino Perez because Bellerin “knows Dani Carvajal has struggled for form this season and that Los Blancos are looking for a new right-back.”

The Star then go on to talk about how Arsene Wenger wants to sign Karim Benzema and that could help the whole deal go through.

There are a few publications in Spain, Don Balon among them, that are obsessed with Arsenal signing Karim Benzema. Despite Arsenal being linked with him every window since he signed for Real Madrid in 2009, they have never come close to him.

They are certainly not going to go near him in the next window either, not after having spent over £100m on two frontmen, both much younger than Benzema (well, a little younger at least).

While I would not be surprised to learn that Bellerin is not happy and wants to leave, this whole story smacks of a few publications taking a little bit of information from all four corners of the internet, sticking them together and calling them a rumour.

Nothing more.

Juventus do seem to be interested in Bellerin, however.