Arsenal appear willing to lose Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey this summer despite both players being keen to sign new deals while Danny Welbeck won’t be getting a payrise.

With the addition of Huss Fahmy to handle contract negotiations at the club, we’ve already heard this week how he is refusing to improve on the offer already made to Jack Wilshere that requires him to take a cut to his basic salary.

Now we’re reading that Aaron Ramsey will not get the vastly-improved terms he was hoping for in any new deal.

The Welshman is out of contract next summer and reports have claimed he’s prepared to play the waiting game in order to get a massive payrise (or a huge signing on fee should he leave for free for somewhere like Manchester United).

Arsenal, however, are not prepared to play that game anymore. Well, that’s what they’re leaking to the papers at least.

Mesut Ozil’s whopping payrise was always going to cause a problem in the squad when it came time for established first-teamers to negotiate a new deal, but it seems like Fahmy is not to be swayed.

Danny Welbeck is another who won’t see him terms improve that much when it comes to his turn.

Putting aside personal feelings for these players, it’s easy to see where the club is coming from.

For many years they rewarded mediocrity with salaries that made it impossible to shift dead wood. While Wilshere, Ramsey and Welbeck all have their obvious benefits, they also come with a combined history of missing a feckton of games.

In the three seasons leading up to 2017/18 they missed a total of 193 games (Wilshere 87, Welbeck 74, Ramsey 48) yet they all expect a huge payrise despite either being injured or part of an Arsenal team that has performed worse in the league with each passing season.