Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo is glad Alexis Sanchez is on the same team as he doesn’t have to kick him anymore.

Rojo takes a whole-hearted approach to defending that can border on needlessly aggressive.

The Argentine has made some dubious challenges during his time in England and has constantly pushed the rules on physicality.

It’s not at all surprising that he would hack at a skilful player like Sanchez whenever they faced off on the pitch.

He’s now happy he doesn’t have to do that anymore.

“I have faced him a number of times, playing either against Arsenal or Chile,” Rojo told Inside United (via the Metro).

“We always seem to have fought on the pitch so it’s better we’re on the same side as we always ended up kicking each other.

“That’s my style and the way I play. I’ve been this way since I was a kid. I am very aggressive and emotional on the pitch. I’m a very typical South American player. We’re very aggressive.

“It is something in my blood. I’m not going to change. But Alexis [Sanchez] is a great person, now I’ve got to know him.

“He is a fantastic player and I hope he brings his maximum level to United. He’s settling in well. He’s got a new house. In fact, it’s the one I had when I first arrived at United.”

South American football can be rough and even downright dirty at times.

It’s not quite so bad in England as stricter officiating has stamped out much of the physicality.

However, you do still see players get kicked all over the place.

Sanchez was just one of several Arsenal players who would get battered during a game.

To his credit, he often got on with it and let his skill do the talking.

It’s probably just as well that Arsenal have no South American defenders in their side, otherwise he’d be in for some rough treatment when he plays against his old club.