Arsene Wenger ordered a bottle of Mackmyra Whiskey while at the team hotel in Sweden.

A famous man walked into a hotel is snowy Ostersund and ordered a bottle of Sweden’s finest whiskey, Mackmyra.

In all the excitement, a hotel worker leaked this to Swedish publication OP, and just like it magic, it appeared in one of the UK’s biggest tabloids. Because Wenger’s choice of alcoholic beverage was crucial in the build-up to a football game.

sweden mac16

Mackmyra is whiskey that’s said to have a “well-balanced, light and fruity character” and is made from a “soft elegant recipe matured in bourbon casks”. It’s also 41% alcohol.

So, Wenger is either looking for a stiff drink to warm him in chilly Sweden, a whiskey connoisseur or plans to drink his troubles away after the game. Or maybe he’s buying a souvenir for a friend.

Whatever the case, he’ll look forward to a rare weekend off from football. As will, no doubt, the fans, who have probably hit the liquor one too many times this season.