Hector Bellerin admits that’s it’s difficult to cope with social media criticism, but he’s learning how to deal with it.

Bellerin is one of the Arsenal’s squads most prolific users of social media, and unfortunately runs into a lot of abuse.

Angry fans descend upon players’ social media accounts to vent their frustrations after games and often leave unsavoury comments.

It can get especially bad after defeats and when players have poor games.

Bellerin experienced a lot of that last season when Arsenal’s form dipped throughout February and March.

Speaking at the Oxford Union, the Spaniard discussed how he used to have it easy, but is finding things tougher during periods of bad form.

“At the beginning I had it quite easy. When I broke in the first team no-one really knew what to expect of me,” he said, as reported by the Evening Standard.

“Then last year it started going a bit worse for us and then personally it gets quite hard. As someone who is young I like going on social media and some of the things on my timeline! 

“It’s quite hard when you feed off those positive things that people say to you… when they tell you bad stuff and you don’t get the positives anymore it’s quite hard to take, though you learn how to live with it.”

In an ideal world, people would learn how to vent their anger in more constructive and less abusive ways.

Unfortunately, many choose to abuse players.

Bellerin has proven to be quite tough, as he’s taken criticism from fans yet has managed to improve his performances.

He was even one of our better players in the 1-0 defeat to Tottenham on Saturday.

He may not be receiving positive vibes all the time, but if he continues to turn negative comments into motivation, he and Arsenal will be better off for it.