Alexis Sanchez, who hardly said two words while at Arsenal, has turned into a proper chatty Charlie since he signed for Manchester United.

Ahead of the Champions League’s return this week, the former Arsenal forward has been letting it all out, this time talking about Lionel Messi crying in the dressing room after a Champions League semi-final against Chelsea.

The Chilean told the media, “When you miss a final, you can cry. It is part of football. In the clubhouse of Barcelona I saw Messi cry after the match with Chelsea.

“This is because we demand a lot from ourselves. Football can give you a life of luxury, but people do not see the sacrifice we make behind everything.”

Hector Bellerin recently spoke about the Chilean and the demands he made on his teammates, calling them a ‘bit much’ at times.

However, for all Alexis’s faults – from his carelessness with the ball to his inability to act like an adult when things don’t go his way – you can’t help but feel that Arsenal are sorely lacking in players who just want to win no matter what.

Turning up at Wembley to face Spurs, we should have seen fire and fight from a team determined to prove that they were not second best to the media’s north London darlings, but all we got was a bunch of bunnies in the Tottenham headlights.