Arsenal sign most of their non-British players from France, but only one other Premier League club has signed more African players than the Gunners.

West Ham’s head of recruitment recently said they don’t want any more African players at the club. Tony Henry claimed they “cause mayhem” when they’re not in the team. Thankfully, he was duly sacked for his comments.

The Daily Mail took a look at where each Premier League club signed their players from as a result.

daily mail african players 2 feb 2018
Daily Mail 2 Feb 2018

According to their analysis, Arsenal have signed 112 players from European countries (including Britain). They’ve signed 15 African players, 11 South Americans and three others.

The most common non-British nationality for the Gunners is France, with 28 players joining from that country. That’s 25% of the club’s European players.

Only Newcastle (29) have signed more players from the other side of the channel.

Meanwhile, only Spurs have signed more African players (19). Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang brought Arsenal up to second place when he signed last month.

On the other hand, every big-six club has signed more South Americans than Arsenal.

Chelsea and Manchester City have both signed 23, Liverpool 16, and Manchester United and Spurs 12.

The Gunners could’ve moved up a place on this list too if their January pursuit of Malcom had been successful.

Regardless, it doesn’t look like Arsenal have prejudicial recruitment policies in place, but that’s nothing we didn’t already know.