Gabriel is certainly enjoying something of a better time since his move to Spain, but the former Arsenal defender, who was surprisingly shipped out in the summer, is still holding the attentions of Arsenal fans.

From picking up a red card recently for a crazy reaction after he was booked to teaming up with Francis Coquelin, he has provided as much entertainment away as he did in London.

While playing on Thursday night against Barcelona, the Brazilian defender, who is as passionate as they come, revealed that Luis Suarez tried to wind him up.

There’s nothing unusual in that, it’s one of the things that Suarez does often and well.

“He told me I was a cagon,” Gabriel revealed after the match. So how did the centreback respond to being told he was, to quote the urban dictionary, ‘someone who shits constantly’?

“I told him that he was a good player, that he was the best No. 9 in the world.

“But that stays on the pitch, now we forget it and that’s it.”

On the night, it was Suarez who proved decisive, scoring Barca’s only goal in the first leg of the Copa Del Rey semi-final.

The sides meet again on 8th February when Suarez will need to try much harder to wind up Gabriel.