Alexis Sanchez accepted a suspended 16-month prison sentence this week and the Daily Star found it hardly worth a mention.

The former Arsenal forward pleaded guilty to a charge of tax fraud rather than go to trial over unpaid taxes that amounted to €1m (£886,000) deriving from image rights deals in 2012 and 2013 when he was at Barcelona.

image 5
Daily Star p46 8/2/18

For many this would be a big story. The Daily Mail even made it their backpage headline.

The Daily Star? Well they found it hardly worth a mention, buried inside on page 46, a tiny box of text as an addendum to another story about Jesse Lingard disrespecting the Munich memorial by sending out a tweet.

The Star’s entire ‘article’ about the issue runs to 39 words.

It’s hard not to think they would have found a few more had Alexis still been at Arsenal, especially with the north London derby this weekend.