Only Manchester City and Liverpool have missed more big chances than Arsenal this season as they demonstrate the power of creating chances.

Arsenal have missed 42 big chances this season – the third highest in the Premier League.

That’s according to a ranking produced by the Daily Star, who have decided to list the teams based on the number of big chances they’ve missed.

A “big chance” is when a team has a chance that has a high probability of going in. For example, a player who is one on one with the keeper from the centre of the box.

One interpretation of this table is that Arsenal are one of the most wasteful sides in the division.

That is, though, to be expected. After all, teams who create the most opportunities also tend to be the most wasteful.

The two teams who have wasted more big chances this season are Manchester City (51) and Liverpool (45).

Those two happen to be the division’s highest scorers as well, with 79 and 61 goals respectively.

Arsenal are the fourth highest scorers with 51 goals. Tottenham sit above them with 52 goals, having missed 40 big chances this season.

Chelsea and Manchester United also rank high in this table, as well as being within the top six scoring sides this season.

In short: every top side in the league misses big chances.

The difference is that City and Liverpool possess potent front-lines, while Arsenal, Chelsea and United have struggled to share the goals around.

Arsenal’s wastage is proving to be costly as they’re not creating as many opportunities to make up for it.