Arsenal legend Ian Wright has risked the wrath of Gooners by suggesting that Mesut Ozil would really be able to shine at Manchester United.

With six months left on his current contract, it’s looking depressingly likely that Ozil could leaving north London after all. Wright reckons if the links with United are genuine, the playmaker would do well to reunite with Jose Mourinho.

“Yes I do (think it would be a good move for the player),” said Wright. “I think he is that kind of player. He is not going to drag a team along but if you’re playing well he is going to sprinkle like stardust.

“When you watch him he is awesome. With the right team and right people in front of him he will shine.”

While Alexis Sanchez has looked on his way to Manchester City since the summer, Ozil’s future has always seemed a little more uncertain.

mesut ozil liverpool

During the summer, the 29-year-old claimed he wanted to stay, insisted that negotiations were ongoing and gushed about his love of London in interviews. He even reportedly renewed his box at the Emirates.

However, the stories claiming he would extend his contract dried up and were replaced with links to United and Barcelona. Now, despite there being the odd rumour floating around that the German is indeed staying, there’s still been no definitive proof.

Unlike Alexis, Arsenal fans actually care about whether Ozil stays or not. They recognise his genius and realise what a big statement him signing a new deal would be considering the state the club appears to be in from the outside.

Hopefully, the playmaker doesn’t agree with Wright when he says it would be a good move.