This season, Alexis Sanchez has looked as if he’d rather play for any other team than Arsenal and Laurent Koscielny has reportedly had a big problem with it.

After the Crystal Palace match at Selhurst Park, a big deal was made about certain players not celebrating with Alexis when the Chilean scored.

One of these players was Kos but club photographers Stuart MacFarlane and David Price were quick to share pictures that showed otherwise.

According to Goal, however, Kos and Alexis came to blows more than once, most notably after the Burnley and Southampton games. The centre-back had allegedly grown tired of the 29-year-old’s lack of effort on the pitch.

Arsene Wenger apparently tried to cover up the rift. After the Palace match, he claimed he hadn’t seen the forward get ignored after finding the back of the net.

Goal also claim that Alexis returned to Chile to spend Christmas with his family. Wenger denied the rumours at the time but the forward allegedly went home against the club’s wishes.

Alexis posted this on Boxing Day. Obviously, this could have been taking in England or on another date but I would be surprised…

I can totally understand why other players, especially senior players, would be frustrated with Alexis’ behaviour. Although it’s hard to know what he is actually like behind the scenes, on the pitch he can be a petulant child. He’s supposed to be a professional.