Video: Wenger confirms Aubameyang move, ‘will bring us more offensive power’

After a terribly disappointing match against Swansea, Arsene Wenger had one positive thing to talk about, Arsenal’s deal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Although the deal isn’t completely over the line, it seems it’s a formality at this point.

The Arsenal website even published a video of the manager discussing the signing. We’ve transcribed this for you below:

Arsene, Aubameyang is an Arsenal player, you must be delighted to get the deal done?

Wenger: “Yes, it’s good news. We need people who can give us more offensive power. At the moment we are not efficient enough going forward. I’m convinced he will bring us that.

“He has a big challenge in front of him, he wants to do well in the Premier League. Overall I believe he’s welcome and that’s absolutely good news for us.”

You’ve known about him for a long time of course, what are his main strengths?

Wenger: “I would say his pace, his finishing, the quality of his runs, the quality of his reception including crosses. Overall, his huge physical capacity as well to repeat runs and that will be important in the Premier League because the physical level is very high.”

We’ve lost the goals of Alexis but we’ve replaced the goals of Alexis, plus the creativity with Mkhitaryan…

Wenger: “Yes. That’s what we hope. We are keen to see them all together, to see how well we can do. That’s of course very important. Let’s make that happen soon, because it’s not over the line yet but hopefully it will be done tomorrow (Wednesday).”

Finally when Aubameyang has a friendship with Mkhitaryan and a relationship on the pitch, how much does that help someone coming into a team?

Wenger: “They played together, they know each other, so the old reflexes will certainly come back very quickly. That can contribute to offensive efficiency.”

All quotes are courtesy of, but you can watch the video above.

Hopefully the 28-year-old can live up to expectations and bring everything Wenger mentions above to the Premier League.

He’ll need some time to settle in, like any player, but considering his quality and success against English teams like Spurs in Europe, the striker should find his feet soon enough.

Arsenal definitely need him to hit the ground running as much as possible.

The club are in a terrible position for top four, and the League Cup final is under a month away.

Someone needs to inspire the side with some confidence, and goals from a £60m signing could well do that.

Now the Gunners just need to finalise the transfer and announce it.