L’Equipe’s Sport & Style site labeled Hector Bellerin as the most stylish footballer out there at the moment, which had made me realise that I know absolutely nothing about fashion.

Bellerin’s ensembles seem to have become statements as opposed to actual outfits.

It’s almost as if the 22-year-old saw that he was getting criticised for his flamboyant fashion choices and decided to troll us all by putting together the most bizarre, mis-matched garments he could find.

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Whatever he’s doing seems to have worked because not only have L’Equipe described his ‘flamboyant’ fashion sense as the best in football, he was recently invited to London fashion week, where he treated on-lookers to a plethora of pieces from his wardrobe, including tartan trousers, a dressing gown and plaid shirt…

I’m going to be honest, while some of his simpler outfits are fine, most of them look like something I would chuck together to stumble down the shop to buy Lucozade when I’m hungover.

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Granted, I know nothing about fashion but is this genuinely ‘stylish’?

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

I’m still adamant we’re being trolled.

Before people get their (tartan) pants in a twist, obviously Bellerin can wear whatever he wants.

As long as he turns up on the pitch for Arsenal, he could be wearing a fluorescent bin bag off it for all I care.

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