After Arsenal’s semi-final win against Chelsea on Wednesday night, we’ve outlined the statistics that show London is still most certainly red.

Chelsea and Tottenham fans are very keen on reminding Arsenal supporters of their league position at the moment. For now, that’s the only area they’re both ahead, and there’s still plenty of time for the table to change between now and the end of the season.

In matches between Arsenal and the two clubs, there’s no contest, however. The Gunners have three wins and three draws, but no losses. Those wins led to a Community Shield and a League Cup final.

It’s not like this season is a one-off either. Here are the overall head-to-head records between the clubs:

  • Arsenal vs Chelsea: 35 wins, 27 draws, 26 losses.
  • Arsenal vs Spurs: 42 wins, 31 draws, 21 losses.

The difference is clear in the trophy cabinet as well. Chelsea have six league titles, seven FA Cups, five League Cups, one Champions League, one Europa League and two Cup Winners’ Cups. That’s 22 trophies in total.

Spurs have two league titles, eight FA Cups, four League Cups, one Cup Winners’ Cup and two UEFA Cups. That’s 17 trophies. Meanwhile, Arsenal have 13 league titles and 13 FA Cups alone. That’s 26 already, before you even include the two League Cups and the Cup Winners’ Cup.

Chelsea and Spurs can keep their mid-season league position trophy, London is still Red.