Arsene Wenger’s relationship with the British press has always been somewhat rocky but, when you observe how they treat other managers, you really get a sense that they intensely dislike the Frenchman.

When David Dein first brought Wenger to Arsenal in 1996, the ex-Monaco coach was almost completely unknown. The British press were full of apprehension and even disdain for the new Premier League coach – ‘who was this Frenchman coming over to England and telling US how to play OUR game?’.

However, despite Le Professeur going on to make a name for himself, the press’ attitude never seemed the change.

It’s always felt as if he was the butt of a joke and now it sadly appears he always was, if you look at how managers like Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino and Pep Guardiola are lauded for making the same comments Wenger has for years.

For example, when Wenger said that getting fourth place in the Premiership is sort of like a trophy because it’s so competitive, he was mocked for celebrating what the media saw as mediocrity.

wenger mocked
Talksport, April 5 2017

But when Klopp and Guardiola agreed, the press either nodded along obediently or reported their comments in a completely different, far less condescending tone.

Can you imagine if Wenger had said finishing in the top four in the Premier League is better than winning the title in La Liga like Poch did?

Similarly, when the boss spoke out against the congested fixture list in the winter, he was ‘bemoaning’ it as Arsenal ‘lost ground’.

wenger mocked 2

Seemingly, the press only thought he was against it because he didn’t win three points against West Ham.

When Pep and Klopp did the same, they were taken far more seriously.

Does the British media dislike Wenger because he’s french, classy, doesn’t pander to headlines or all of the above?

Piece inspired by this tweet from Anthony White.