Antonio Conte believes that Arsenal have benefited from dubious refereeing as much as they’ve suffered from it.

Arsene Wenger had plenty of complaints about the refereeing after the 2-2 draw with Chelsea.

He complained that Eden Hazard should have been booked for simulation after a challenge from Hector Bellerin. Hazard then admitted that he dived.

Antonio Conte, though, was keen to point out that Arsenal have also benefited from bad refereeing decisions.

“If Wenger watched the game again he would understand he was lucky in the game with the referee’s decisions,” Conte said, as reported by the Evening Standard.

“I don’t like to speak about the other coach or players. I think there is a form of respect that you must have. When we were 2-1 up and the defender slides before to take the ball, it was a chance to score. 

“We must have respect for the referee’s decisions. He has to accept the decision. He’s an old coach with a lot of experience and he’s won a lot. He has to continue what he has done in the past.”

Wenger did admit that his side may have gotten away with not having a player sent off during the game.

Jack Wilshere dodged a second yellow card for simulation in the second half.

However, he also has a chip on his shoulder about referees given what happened during the West Brom game.

I’m sure Wenger knows that referees have given Arsenal favourable calls during the season.

The referees are bad for everyone. It so happens that Arsenal are getting more bad calls than others at the moment.

Wenger is expected to be punished for his comments after the Chelsea game, on top of thee match touchline ban he’s already received.

However, it’s likely that he’ll only receive a fine and not an extension of his current ban.