German journalist Dirk Krampe snapped Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang packing things into a car and sent Arsenal fans wild.

Ruhr Nachrichten posted Krampe’s picture on their Twitter feed, in the midst of all the rumours about Aubameyang’s future. The striker was clearly packing his car with a number of large boxes. The German outlet captioned the photo “Aubameyang, packed”.

Arsenal fans jumped all over the photo, all believing they knew exactly why Aubameyang was filling his car.

The picture even fooled some Borussia Dortmund fans into thinking the move was done:

Unfortunately, the journalist was just playing with the fans. He then tweeted admitting it was just a delivery of sponsorship merchandise, and told everyone to relax:

Needless to say, the Dortmund fans weren’t very happy with the “klickbaitjournalismus“. I’d imagine they’re a bit more pleased with the fact Aubameyang isn’t leaving them just yet, although the Gabon international isn’t playing for them currently.

Hopefully, for the sake of both sets of fans, the two clubs make some progress in negotiations soon. Arsenal are entirely reliant on Alexandre Lacazette who hasn’t been too full of goals of late, while Dortmund don’t have any experienced strikers at all.

If the German side can sort out Aubameyang’s move and sign a replacement – perhaps Olivier Giroud – we can all move on.