Arsenal have offered Carlo Ancelotti a four year contract worth £35m, according to Corriere dello Sport.

It was recently reported that Arsenal had chosen Ancelotti as Arsene Wenger’s successor.

Arsenal are apparently bracing themselves for Wenger to call it quits in the summer, and not in 2019 when his contract expires.

Corriere dello Sport have followed up on this with details about what Arsenal have offered him, claiming an agreement has been reached.

via Corriere dello Sport.
via Corriere dello Sport.

According to them, the club has found an agreement with the Italian that will see him agree a four year contract worth £35m, excluding bonuses. That works out at £8.75m-a-year.

Wenger currently earns £8.9m while Jose Mourinho earns £12.3m and Pep Guardiola £15.3m. Jurgen Klopp earns £7m, Antonio Conte £6.6m. Mauricio Pochettino does not make the list of the top highest paid managers in world football.

Ancelotti, who was sacked by Bayern Munich earlier in the season where he earned £12.6m, has been linked with the club before.

Reports appeared back in September that suggested Wenger would leave in the summer and be replaced by him.

Similar reports then surfaced in November.

There were even links as far back as 2015, when Wenger was in the middle of a new contract he signed in 2014.

Ancelotti is clearly a popular choice as Wenger’s successor.

He certainly has the credentials, but all of this is pointless if Wenger decides to see out the remainder of his contract.