Hector Bellerin is pleased Arsenal turned things round to earn a point against Chelsea, even if he’s also disappointed they didn’t win the match.

Bellerin scored an impressive late equaliser, to make up for conceding a very soft penalty earlier on. His individual performance reflected the way Arsenal played generally. He started well, then appeared to throw the result away, before rallying late on.

“It was non-stop football, running up and down. We know when we play them that it is always a hard game, always entertainment. But we we worked hard all week and it is a bit disappointing because we should have held the score [at 1-0 up]. But it was a great reaction at the end,” said the 22-year-old.

“I haven’t scored for a while so it was great to do it in a comeback in a hard-fought game. I’m happy with the goal but also happy with the reaction towards the end from the whole team.”

bellerin palace
LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 28: Hector Bellerin of Arsenal stretches during the Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Arsenal at Selhurst Park on December 28, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

He wasn’t sure about the penalty decision, however, saying: “Hazard is very quick in the box and the ball was in the air and I went to challenge for it, but we both got there at the same time and the referee thought it was a penalty. We will have to see the replay to see what it was like.”

There’s an air of resignation when Arsenal players talk about decisions at the moment. They’re all starting to accept that whatever happens, their opponents will get all the contentious decisions and they won’t.

When the last two equalisers you’ve conceded both came from dodgy penalties, it’s not hard to understand why. Unfortunately, Arsenal are four points worse off as a result of those decisions.

But the one consolation is that it could’ve been even worse, barring Bellerin’s late effort. Plus, it would’ve been very damaging to morale to lose to Chelsea ahead of the League Cup tie next week.

So, at least they avoided that. Now they just need to improve on that result at Stamford Bridge.