While Arsenal were getting humiliated in the FA Cup by Nottingham Forest, Hector Bellerin was living it up at London Fashion Week in a £2,655 outfit and Gooners are livid.

Bellerin and his girlfriend Shree Patel attended London Fashion Week on Sunday evening while Arsenal were losing 4-2 to Forest in a cup they were supposed to be defending.

The 22-year-old was decked out in tartan trousers, white trainers, a white hoodie, denim jacket and yellow beanie hat, which all apparently set him back an eye-watering £2,655.

Arsenal fans are far from happy – and not just because of his bizarre choice of outfit. They reckon that the right-back should be watching the match and supporting his team, not swanning around at up-market events.

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While most fans shouldn’t expect their players to entirely live and breathe the sport, is it really too much to ask for Bellerin to at least pretend he cares about how Arsenal are getting on?

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I understand that he’s a young man and is heavily involved in the fashion industry. I get that he probably has responsibilities outside of football. But getting pictured at this event that was happening at the same time his team were getting thrashed just doesn’t sit right with me. Or other Gooners by the looks of things.

Here’s what Twitter had to say: