Here’s some news that Gooners everywhere will be positively thrilled to hear: Arsenal are basically the second-richest club in Europe and have the most fixed-assets of any club in the world.

That’s right.

According to the Soccerex Football Finance 100, which ranks teams from all over the world on their money in the bank, playing and fixed assets, owner potential investment and debt, Arsenal rank second.

Manchester City top the rankings.

However, the Gunners are worth £766m in fixed assets, which is more than any other club in WORLD football; have £300m in the bank, which is second only to Manchester United (£307m), and have the lowest debt in England (£8m).

Chelsea are in the highest amount of debt: £800m. Which makes me wince and it’s not even me that has to pay it.

This places Arsenal ahead of the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Barcelona – everyone except for City, who are currently unbeaten in the Premier League and looking like one of the best clubs in Europe.

According to the study, Arsenal absolutely have the financial clout to “invest significantly” in the transfer market.

“Manchester City, one of the most famous cases of significant foreign investment changing a club’s status and potential, top the rankings,” the study concludes.

“Their owner’s high potential investment value is complimented by a strong performance by the club across each of the verticals.

“Arsenal’s second place in the rankings, ahead of PSG, will surprise many and is certainly a talking point in light of criticism the club receives from some quarters for its perceived lack of spending in the transfer market.

“Their ranking is a reflection of the club’s professionalism and a sound business model. The position of financial strength means Arsenal could invest significantly should the hierarchy of the club choose to change their business strategy.”

I’m sure this will be music to Gooners’ ears considering there don’t appear to be any massive ‘investments’ on the horizon…

City, on the other hand, can’t spend money fast enough and they already have an excellent squad that is playing lovely football.

Arsenal, meanwhile, have spent less than all their top six rivals, even Tottenham, since the start of 2016 and are eight points worse of in the league after 22 games than they were last season.

City are up by 19.

Here’s how the Soccerex Football Finance 100’s top 20 looks:

1Manchester City



4Guangzhou Evergrande


6Real Madrid

7Manchester United



10Bayern Munich

11Zenit St Petersburg

12RB Leipzig


14LA Galaxy

15Atletico Madrid


17Borussia Dortmund