Arsenal reportedly plan to offer Jack Wilshere a pay cut to stay at the club, but the deal will come with add-ons that should see his weekly earnings go up based on appearances.

Now in the second week in January, the Gunners are finally ready to make a formal contract offer to Wilshere. The Mirror write that Arsenal have warned the 26-year-old that he may have to accept a wage decrease to stay. The new contract would include bonuses for playing time and success on the pitch.

To me, that sounds like an ideal contract for someone like Wilshere. The fact is, Arsenal can’t afford to pay players who aren’t fit to play. Santi Cazorla is already permanently out at the moment, and others regularly join him.

Even if the England international is proving his fitness every week, it’s impossible to guarantee an injury-free campaign. But this new contract would account for that. If he stays fit, Arsenal will pay an increased wage. But if he doesn’t, he’ll earn slightly less.

The only problem now is convincing the Hale End Academy graduate that it’s in his interest to sign. As long as he believes he can avoid injuries, it shouldn’t be a problem. But on the surface it may seem insulting to be offering a wage reduction to such a committed player. We’ll have to wait and see how he takes it.