Alexis Sanchez has hit back at claims that he offered a 20-year-old student £1,000 for sex.

On Saturday, the S*n published quotes from Paulina Sobierajska, a 20-year-old student Alexis allegedly met on a night out at Mayfair’s Novikov Bar.

Sobierajska claims the 29-year-old seduced her with a strip tease, offered her £1,000 in £20 notes for sex and ‘bombarded’ her with text messages for five months behind his girlfriend, Chilean actress Mayte Rodriguez’s, back.

The last message from Alexis was apparently on December 14.

After two days, Alexis has finally broken his silence on the story, insisting that the allegations are ‘fake news’.

Obviously, there’s no way of knowing who’s telling the truth but the S*n isn’t exactly known for being reliable.

Alexis’ girlfriend, who he’s been open about on social media, is said to be moving to England to live with the forward.

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©Alexis Sanchez/Instagram story

He’s set to be signing for Manchester United today (Monday) so presumably he doesn’t want any tabloid gossip getting in the way of his fresh start up north.

This isn’t the first time that Alexis has been the subject of stories of this nature.

The forward’s ex-girlfriend Valentina Roth claimed that she broke up with him because his friends had hidden in a cupboard in order to film the couple while they had sex.

In 2014, he was also accused of texting Camila Andrade, former Miss Chile, behind his then-girlfriend, Laia Grassi’s, back.