Sevilla continue to leave out Steven N’Zonzi, and the Frenchman looks to be on the move in January. But is it worrying the media are only linking West Ham and Everton to his signature?

West Ham manager David Moyes recently admitted his interest in the midfielder.

He told reporters: “I think he’s somebody who would be of interest to us if he came on the market.

“I wouldn’t say that about others, but he’s not playing for some reason at Sevilla. Albeit the manager’s gone, so maybe that changes the situation there. Overall, it’s not something I can say I’ve done anything with.”

Daily Star article also links N’Zonzi to Everton and Sam Allardyce. The pair worked together at Blackburn, so that move makes some sense.

Although the French international submitted a transfer request to leave Blackburn, that was after Steve Kean replaced Allardyce, so there shouldn’t be any bad blood between the two of them.

However, if the strongest links to the Sevilla man are to 17th-placed West Ham and Everton’s Sam Allardyce, you have to ask whether Arsenal should be after him in the first place. The Gunners have Champions League aspirations, so chasing players who don’t interest the top clubs seems counter-intuitive.

Perhaps those teams are simply put off by all those transfer requests. N’Zonzi hasn’t exactly painted himself as a model member of the dressing room throughout his career.

Alternatively, maybe the top sides all have players in his mould already. But if Arsenal are going to invest over £30m on the player, it’s worth investigating why other clubs aren’t planning to do the same.