Arsene Wenger has said that it’s unrealistic for Arsenal to challenge for the Premier League title.

Arsenal currently sit 15 points behind Manchester City in the Premier League table.

While there’s still a long way to go and plenty of time for City to drop points, even Arsene Wenger feels that the title might be beyond Arsenal this season.

Wenger is understandably keen to distance Arsenal from a title challenge, claiming, rightly, that they have other concerns this season.

“At the moment we have different worries than the title,” Wenger said, as reported by ITV.

“After such disappointment, you have to think about winning the next game.

“We are too far from the title at the moment to speak about the title. It’s not realistic. Let’s try to win our next game and over a longer distance see if we can come back.”

Arsenal lost even more ground in the title race when they lost to Manchester United last Saturday.

It was Arsenal’s fifth defeat this season already.

If it’s any consolation for them, nobody else in the league seems capable of keeping up with City this season either.

United are their closest competitors, but even they’re eight points behind them.

Even if Arsenal manage to turn their form around and go on an unlikely winning run, there’s simply too much ground to make-up.

Arsenal will now be focussing on getting back into the top four and progressing through the rounds of the cup competitions.

Getting closer to Manchester City along the way would be an added bonus.