David Seaman believes it was a shame that Arsenal lost Alex Oxlade-Chamberain to Liverpool, but expects he’ll feel the pressure during his return to the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal and Liverpool is a big fixture, but the transfer of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has given it an extra layer this season.

Chamberlain made the switch on transfer deadline day, having spent six years at Arsenal.

His career in London didn’t go anywhere, hence his desire for a fresh start.

David Seaman believes he could get a great reception from the Emirates crowd, but will still feel the pressure of returning.

“The Ox will feel pressure,” Seaman said, as reported by the Express.

“It was a shame to lose him but he should get a great reception because he was a great player for Arsenal and loved playing for Arsenal, you could tell that.

“Every game when he came on he gave everything, it’s just a shame that we lost him to Liverpool.”

Unfortunately, Chamberlain’s ‘everything’ wasn’t much.

Years of injuries and inconsistency tested the patience of the Arsenal support.

Then, when he got a good run in the team last season, he decided he needed to leave.

Should he play against Arsenal, the home crowd will jump on every mistake he makes.

That won’t be because the fans dislike him, but because he’s playing for a rival team.

There’s a good chance, though, that he’ll be starting on the Liverpool bench, like he should have done at Anfield earlier in the season.

Liverpool’s front four is in form and unlikely to be tinkered with for what is a big game in the race for the Champions League places.

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