Olivier Giroud is Arsenal’s fourth-best goalscorer under Arsene Wenger, yet there are still people are there who don’t rate him.

Giroud has scored 103 goals since signing for Arsenal from Montpellier in 2012. That’s the fourth highest amount behind Theo Walcott (107), who’s been at the club for 11 years, Robin van Persie (132) and Thierry Henry (228).

The latter two were understandably regarded as phenomenal strikers and while Giroud isn’t on their level, I still struggle work out why he’s so underrated.

The 31-year-old is often brushed off as a one-trick pony. Good in the air and a great target man but a bit slow and one-dimensional. However, in half the amount of time that Theo has been at the club, the France international has continued to perform and crept above Dennis Bergkamp in goals scored.

Why is the media narrative of Giroud suggest that he’s a bit of a donkey and Arsenal should have sold him long ago, when the big guy has actually proven to be a key player for the Gunners, especially when coming off the bench? Last season, he was statistically the Premier League’s best sub, scoring seven after being brought on.

For years, we struggled through not having game-changers in the squad that can come on with 10 minutes to spare and bang in two goals against the odds. Now we have it in Giroud but no one seems to see it.