Arsenal fans have accused Eden Hazard of copying Mesut Ozil’s goal-scoring technique in which the midfielder chips the ball off the ground and into the net.

Gooners reckon that Eden Hazard has taken a leaf out of the Ozil’s book of goal-scoring, which admittedly isn’t that long, after netting Chelsea’s equaliser against Newcastle at the weekend. The Blues went on to win 3-1. However, it was the Belgium international’s goal that had Gooners’ chins wagging on social media.

Ozil has adopted a unique technique when it comes to scoring goals. The clash against Huddersfield, which the Gunners won 5-0, wasn’t the first time the playmaker has kicked the ball into the ground in order for it to bounce over the goalkeeper into the net.

Some people thought it was an accident before he started attempting it on a regular basis and they realised he’d been doing it since he was at Real Madrid.

Presumably, he does it to draw the shot-stopper’s attention to the floor and if he hits it with enough power, it chips them before they have a chance to react.

If Hazard has been channeling his inner-Ozil recently, then I’m sure the 29-year-old would take that as a compliment.

Here’s what Twitter had to say: