The Arsenal fans had some fun trolling Troy Deeney, after he missed a sitter in Watford’s 2-1 defeat to Crystal Palace.

Sometimes, life comes at you fast. Troy Deeney is discovering that at the moment.

Ever since his infamous “cojones” comment after Watford’s 2-1 win over Arsenal, Deeney has scored just one goal in six games, served a suspension for violent conduct and produced one of the misses of the season on Tuesday night.

The irony of Deeney’s Watford side throwing away a one-goal lead to lose 2-1 wasn’t lost on the Arsenal supporters, or even the neutral fans.

Deeney’s comments came in response to Arsene Wenger blaming the Watford defeat on a wrongly given penalty.

The striker took exception to that, and claimed Arsenal lost because the players lacked the sufficient fight and courage to deal with physical play.

“I’ve heard Wenger’s already blaming that [the penalty] as the reason they lost,” he said at the time. “Well, I’m not one to tell Mr. Wenger about himself, but the reason they lost wasn’t due to one penalty.

“Having a bit of cojones, I think the word is. Whenever I play against Arsenal – and this is just a personal thing – I go up and think ‘let me whack the first one, then we will see who wants it’.”

Arsenal’s form improved after those comments, while Watford have been inconsistent. Unfortunately for Deeney, his honest assessment of the Arsenal players will be forever used against him when he and his team fail to perform.