Although there seems to be a generally positive feeling surrounding Arsenal Football Club at the moment, will it last?

Arsenal have managed to string together three Premier League victories since we were defeated 3-1 by Manchester City before the interlull.

We’re up to fourth (!) in the table, we beat Spurs 2-0 in the North London Derby, sending them on a Downward Spiral™, nicked a cheeky win away at Turf Moor and then battered Huddersfield 5-0.

And we’ve done it all while playing some lovely football.

Therefore, the feeling around the club is much-improved from August when we lost 4-0 away to Liverpool and sold Wojciech Szczesny to Juventus for no plausible reason.

However, while it doesn’t feel like there’s going to be a fan meltdown if Arsenal lose to Manchester United on Saturday, I do get the sense that our optimism is rather tentative.

So we decided to find out…

When we asked Twitter why Gooners were feeling so calm, 51% of you said that it was because most fans have accepted our fate. We’re not going to win the Premier League and we may not even finish in the top four. Any positive result at the moment is a bonus.

We’re not a top team anymore – this is us now. For every minute of tika-taka, there’s been one of terrible football.

Meanwhile, 34% of you insisted that you are genuinely feeling happier. Winning a North London Derby can work wonders it seems.

The remaining 15% revealed that they still either feeling anxious or angry and far from calm.

However, the general feeling is that, for the moment, we’ll enjoy the decent football we’re playing and, in the not too distant future, with the appointments to backroom staff the club’s making, it feels as if change is on the horizon.

Here’s what else some of you rays of sunshine had to say: