Arsenal fans still hate José Mourinho as much as ever, according to a recent poll run by Daily Cannon.

We ran the poll on the Daily Cannon Twitter account to try and find out whether Gunners supporters still hate Mourinho the same as always, whether their dislike has grown even more, or if they think he’s irrelevant at this point.

The majority (59%) voted for one of the first two options, with 43% saying they hate him as much as before.

If Arsenal fans really do hate Mourinho as much as before, then that’s quite a lot, from past experience.

A 2015 poll by Read Arsenal on their Twitter account asked fans to retweet if they wanted to see José Mourinho manage the Gunners, or favourite the tweet if they didn’t.

The results were pretty overwhelming:

It’s hard to get that kind of consensus from football fans on any subject. Mourinho unites the Gunners in a fashion that’s almost unique. So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that so few voted that they dislike the United boss even more now, because that would be difficult for many to do.

Thankfully, Mourinho’s star has been diminished in recent years. Arsenal have beaten teams he’s managed a couple of times, at last, and he’s finished below the Gunners for two seasons in a row (if you count the season Chelsea fired him).

If that’s going to continue for a third year, the team probably need to win on Saturday, so here’s hoping.