Arsene Wenger is growing tired of questions about Alexis Sanchez’ mindset, but had special praise for Jack Wilshere.

Alexis’ brace in the 3-2 win over Crystal Palace meant he was the centre of attention once again.

Post-game, Arsene Wenger had to bat away questions about the Chilean’s mentality and future at the club.

Rather fed up at the line of questioning, Wenger said (via the Guardian): “When he plays well it’s a problem.When is it not a problem? It’s unbelievable.

“You judge a player on whether he played well or not and you comment on it after that.

“I am not a psychologist to know what is in his head, if he is short-term or long-term. You turn up to play football, that’s it. After that you judge, did he play well or not well.”

Alexis certainly did turn up to play football, and netted two very important goals.

Another positive on the night was the performance of Jack Wilshere.

The midfielder completed his fourth consecutive start in the Premier League and capped an impressive display with an excellent assist for what turned out to be the winning goal.

Wenger was very happy with the performance, and praised the 25-year-old’s intelligence.

“When we play with five at the back, I like to have more offensive players in midfield.

“That system suits him well. Where he has improved is tactically and defensively. When he does that his defensive game becomes even better. Jack has a great quality, when he wins the ball he gets you out of pressure because he has that little burst and then suddenly he can open the game for you.

“I believe his positional play is good. You watch football, you see that straight away, he is in the right place. Football is first where to be on the pitch, where to stand. After, where to run. But at the start you first have to stand in the right place and he does that.”

Few thought Wilshere would be starting for Arsenal in the Premier League again after his loan spell at Bournemouth.

He’s come back from yet another injury and is looking as good as he’s ever done.

Wenger has nothing but respect for Wilshere’s character, and didn’t doubt that he could come back.

“That is why it is better when we talk about that,” he said.

“Give him credit for what he has gone through. His performance [against Palace] deserves credit because it demands some character.

“I have a big respect for that because it is all nicey-nicey when you are super-talented and everybody says you are the greatest player at 17, but to come back to that level when you have gone through what he has gone through shows a special character.”

“Never,” he added when asked if he feared for Wilshere’s career.

“Because in my job a very important quality is always to continue to believe in human beings. I believe everybody is alive to fight.”

Wilshere could make his fifth straight start when Arsenal travel to the Hawthorns to take on West Brom.