Arsenal fans appear to have fully turned on Alexis Sanchez after the Chilean’s performance against Manchester United.

Many supporters were already upset with the way Alexis played against Manchester City and Liverpool, as well as his attitude during and after those games. His smiles on the bench at Anfield didn’t go down well, nor did the fact he was the first one off the pitch after Arsenal’s loss at the Etihad.

The 28-year-old won some support in the derby win over Spurs, but seems to have lost it all again with the way he played against United.

The general consensus after the match was that the Gunners needed to work to hold onto plenty of the current team, but not Sanchez:

One fan found a way to put the general fan sentiment nicely, considering what Alexis has given the club over the last few years:

Others were not so forgiving of the player, who appears to be forcing his way out:

I put forward that at this point it seems to be best that Arsenal sell the forward on and rebuild, but one fan wasn’t even sure who would want him:

In the end there are sure to be some buyers, even if Manchester City do end up changing the keen position they held over the summer.

Right now, I can’t see too many Arsenal fans protesting his departure.