Arsenal have drawn Swedish side Östersund in the knock-out stages of the Europa League and Gooners seem to find this pretty amusing.

Arsenal fans appear to be quietly chuffed that their team didn’t draw Napoli or Borussia Dortmund, despite many insisting that they still don’t care about the European tournament.

Some Gooners, clearly unfamiliar with the Allsvenskan club, questioned where on earth their side would be going in February, while others were still tentative about being drawn against a team who were only formed 11 years ago.

We are Arsenal after all. We might do our best to give the underdogs a chance – we love doing that.

Other Arsenal fans seem genuinely excited about a trip to Sweden during winter, where the average temperature in February is -8°C. While some have raised concerns about the state of their pitch and how that could impact on our first team players, if Arsene Wenger decides to field them.

Of course, there are the odd few who are just coming to terms with the fact Arsenal will have to go at least one season without getting thrashed by playing Bayern Munich. Instead, we might have to actually witness our club being somewhat successful in a European competition.