The Daily Express have missed the point, after Arsenal fans jokingly tweeted Match of the Day on Saturday to complain at the Gunners’ omission on the show despite not even playing.

Despite Arsenal not playing on Saturday, Gooners took to Twitter to playfully have a dig at Match of the Day host Gary Lineker after he posted the show’s running order on Saturday.

As you can tell, the Tweets were meant in jest and not as a genuine dig at the BBC show. Not that you can tell that by reading the Express’ headline, which insinuates that Arsenal fans are genuinely that stupid that they’re harassing Gary Lineker for not covering a match that hadn’t even happened yet.

express motdThe report even says the tweets are a joke but obviously that’s not the first part of the piece people read.

Last week, Match of the Day presenters Alan Shearer and Ian Wright were on the receiving end of online abuse after criticising Arsenal for their 3-1 defeat at home to Manchester United despite having 33 shots.

Fans accused them of being biased, which in turn resulted in both ex-players lashing out via their personal Twitter accounts.

Therefore, this weekend’s jibes at the show are obviously a tongue-in-cheek nod to that drama.